Sakurajima (volcanic mountain) in Kagoshima pref

It is the symbol of Kagoshima prefecture. Sakurajima-island is still active volcano, therefore, it is also got attention academically and one of the famous sightseeing places in worldwide. You can reach there only 15 minutes by ferry (you can ride it with your car) from Kagoshima port in the city and explore the island approximately 1 hour by car. It could be one of the exciting one day trips in Kagoshima prefecture. There is the observation platform which takes about 15 minutes from Sakurajima port and the view of Kagoshima from there is marvelous. Incidentally, there is famous small Udon restaurant in the ferry. If you have a chance, you must try it!
Access information

From Kagoshima Airport to Kagoshima Chuo Station
Kagoshima Airport → (Airport limousine : approx. 40 minutes / 1,250yen) → Kagoshima Chuo Station

From Kagoshima Chuo Station to Kagoshima Port
Kagoshima Chuo Station → (Bus, tram or taxi : approx. 15minutes) → Kagoshima Port
- By Bus
Kagoshima Chuo Station (East 4, 5, 6 bus stop) → (bus : approx. 15 minutes) → Suizokukan-mae → (1 minute on foot) → Kagoshima Port
- By tram
Kagoshima Chuo Station → (tram : approx. 15 minutes) → Suizokukan-guchi → (5 minutes on foot) → Kagoshima Port

From Kagoshima Port to Sakurajima Port
Kagoshima Port → (Ferry : 15 minutes / 160yen) → Sakurajima Port