Popular sightseeing spots in Okinawa

Okinawa is one of the best beach resort in Japan, located in the most south part of Japan. It consists of 160 island from small to large and there are many coral reef around widely. It is warm whole year thanks to the location. The average temperature is 22 degree. It rains a lot at the same time, therefore, we advise you staying there at least 1 week to fully enjoy the beautiful islands.
The local Okinawa people are well-known very friendly and warm. It will be also good memory to chat and close to them felling their culture.
It takes 2.5 hours from Haneda or Narita airport (Tokyo) to the capital of main island Naha city by plains. You can also reach such beautiful island Ishigaki island, Miyako island and Kume island taking boats or plains from Naha. As the clear blue sea water is famous in worldwide, many tourists visit there to enjoy diving in there. Of course, seeing beautiful sunset will be unforgettable experience in your life. Why don’t you visit this ultimate beach resort feeling Japanese hospitality "Omotenashi"?