Chiran Bukeyashiki (Samurai residence)

This Samurai residence has beautiful townscape where you can view Hahagatake mountain behind. It is well-known as "Small Kyoto in Satsuma" and the whole town is like a miniature garden. There are 7 gardens which were created in middle of Edo period (1651~1745) are the natural beauty of the place in Japan. You may feel you have time travel to Edo period once you start exploring in there.
Basic information

[Opening hours] 9:00am - 5:00pm
[Admission fee] 5,00yen (elementary and junior high school students : 300yen)
[Address] Chirancho-kori, Minami Kyusyu-shi, Kagoshima
- By bus : Kagoshima Chuo station → (Local bus : 1 hour 12 minutes / 920yen) → "Bukeyashiki" bus stop
[Time table] (From Kagoshima Chuo station) 6:27, 6:47, 8:07, 9:07, 10:17, 11:17, 12:47, 14:02