About Fujisan (Mt. Fuji)

How can I get to Mt.Fuji from Tokyo?
We would like to advise you the most standard way to reach Mt.Fuji 5th station in Yamanashi prefecture side. The easiest and cheapest way is getting the highway bus from Shinjuku bus terminal located in JR Shinjuku station west exit. (Please be noted that the bus terminal will be moved in Spring, 2016.)
Shinjuku Expressway Bus Terminal
Fare : 2,700JPY for adults and 1,350JPY for children
Duration : 2 hours and half
Reservation is available here. (Please select the destination "Mt.Fuji 5th station".)

However, the service is suspended during winter, between October and March. If you would like to visit there during the pried, please get the highway bus towards Kawaguchiko station from Shinjuku bus terminal. The reservation is available here. (Please select the destination "Kawaguchiko Station".)
Then, please get the local bus from Kawaguchiko station to Mt.Fuji 5th station. (Please be noted that the bus may be cancelled in case The Fuji Subaru line is closed due to snowing.)
Fare : From Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko is 1,750JPY for adult and 880JPY for children. From Kawaguchiko to Mt.Fuji 5th station is 1540JPY for adults and 770JPY for children. (When you purchase the tickets with returns it will be discounted to 2,100JPY for adults and 1,050JPY for children in total, which is more valuable than purchasing separately.)
Duration : From Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko is 1 hour and 40 minutes. From Kawaguchiko to Mt.Fuji 5th station is around 1 hour.

There are more options to reach there, however, we would not recommend them due to much more cost and time.
JR Shinjuku station ⇒ (JR Chuo line) ⇒ Otsuki station ⇒ (Fujikyuko line) ⇒ Kawaguchiko station
Duration : 2 hours and half
*If you hold JR Pass, this option will be 610JPY cheaper than taking highway bus even it takes more time. (It will be free fare between Shinjuku station and Otsuki station thanks to the pass.)
Are there accommodation around Mt.Fuji?
Yes. The most suitable place to stay for sightseeing Mt.Fuji will be the hotels around Kawaguchiko station. There are many hot springs and accommodation in this area.
When is the best time to view Mt.Fiji during a day?
It is well-known that Mt.Fuji can be viewed beautifully only one third of the year. Even you visit the foot of Mt.Fuji or Mt.Fuji 5th station, you may not be able to have the nice view due to cloud or fog. In the afternoon, Mt.Fuji is covered by clouds almost all days. Due to this, the best time to view it is early morning. You will get less opportunity to see it after lunch time. The best plan may be staying in Kawaguchiko area and kept your eyes on it as the view is so changeable every moment. It is also possible to view it from Kawaguchiko station!
I would like to climb Mt.Fuji. What should I prepare for it?
Needless to say, Mt.Fuji has such beautiful mountain, however, it will be very tough to climb it if you do not seriously prepare such as advanced trainings. It is hardly to see soil and weeds but full of volcanic ash on the land. As it is more than 3000 meter mountain, you can easily get mountain sickness due to lucking of oxygen. The temperature is low even summer and it often rains. Moreover, thanks to its registration of The world heritage, millions tourists visit there and it takes more time to climb and go forward than it should be due to crowdedness. We advise all climbers staying one night at the cottage on the way to the top and taking time to climb it. The view of sunrise from the top will be unforgettable experience in your life.
Please check more detail from here.