Uroko House and Uroko Museum / Uroko no Ie

It was firstly opened as Ijinkan in Kobe. It is the most expensive rent-house and called "Uroko (scales) House" due to the looking of its slate the roof made by natural stones. Valuable antiques and potteries of old Meissen etc are remarkable when you see inside building. The house is National important cultural properties and also one of the best 100 housings in Kobe. In the museum next to the house, you can find not only various European drawings but also Japanese art from Yu Horie who is a representative of Kobe's painter and received Yasui Award are always exhibited in "Scale House". On the third floor, you can see beautiful Kobe port

[Opening hours] (From April to September) 9:30~18:00 / (From October to March) 9:30~17:00
[Regular holiday] 7 days a week
[Admission fee] 1,050yen
[Address] 2-20-4 Kitano-cho, Chuo-ku, Kobe-shi, Hyogo