Aichi 愛知
Aichi's location in the center of Japan has resulted in influences from both Kanto (Tokyo area) and Kansai (Kyoto / Osaka area).
The main city of Aichi is Nagoya. There are many places to go and things to see in Nagoya.
Aichi castle (as shown in the picture above) is seen as a kind of landmark for the city.
As for food, local specialities include Misokatsu (pork cutlet and rice bowl with Japanese sauce), Tebasaki (a kind of fried chicken) and Hitsumabushi (broiled eel with rice).
Aichi was also host to Expo 2005- the first Japanese expo of the 21st century.
Nagoya lies within half an hour of the airport, and is easily accessible, either by road or the new railway.
The atmosphere around Nagoya station is very similar to that of Tokyo. In this area you will find many cafes and exclusive clothing stores.
For more detail, check out Aichi Prefectural Government Official Site
Nagoya 名古屋

Nagoya City is one of the main and important cities in Japan and located at the center of Honshu (main island), Aichi prefecture. Nagoya castle is the symbol of the city, which has long history and developed as the castle town. There are many sightseeing places such as the castle, Atsuta Shrine, museums, amusement parts etc and also good area for shopping. You cannot miss the local original food Hitsumabushi (eel dish), Tebasaki (deep fried chicken wings), Misokatsu (Tonkatsu with read miso sauce.) etc.
Nearby attractions

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Nagoya-jo Castle
Toyota Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology
Atsuta Shrine
The Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium
Nagoya City Science Museum
SCMAGLEV and Railway Park

Access information

From Chubu Centrair International Airport to Meitetsu Nagoya Station

By train [Approx. 40 minutes / 870yen]
Chubu Centrair International Airport → (Meitetsu Line Ltd. Exp. "µ(myu) Sky" : about 40 minutes / 870yen) → Meitetsu Nagoya Station
By Expressway bus [Approx. 45 - 85 minutes / 1,000yen]
Chubu Centrair International Airport → (Centrair Limousine : about 45 - 85 minutes / 1,000yen) → Nagoya Station (Meitetsu Bus Center)

From Tokyo Station

By Shinkansen [Approx. 100 minutes / 10,360yen]
Tokyo Station → (JR Shinkansen "Nozomi" : about 100 minutes / 10,360yen) → Nagoya Station

From Shin-Osaka Station

By Shinkansen [Approx. 51 minutes / 5,830yen]
Shin-Osaka Station → (JR Shinkansen "Nozomi" : about 51 minutes / 5,830yen) → Nagoya Station

Chubu Centrair International Airport 中部国際空港
Centrair Airport is one of international airports in Japan located in Ise bay, Tokoname city, Aichi prefecture. "Centrair" is word formation stands for "central" and "airport" as it is the airport in central Japan. Easy to access to Nagoya city or any places of central Japan such as Hida & Takayama area, Nagano, Ise city etc.
Officail Website
Access information

From Meitetsu Nagoya Station

By train : Meitetsu Nagoya Station ⇒ Meitetsu Line Ltd. Exp. "µ(myu) Sky" [About 28 minutes / 1,230yen] ⇒ Chubu Centrair International Airport

By limousine : Nagoya Station (Meitetsu Bus Center) or Sakae Bus Terminal (Oasis 21) ⇒ Centrair Limousine [About 45 - 85 minutes / 1,000yen] ⇒ Chubu Centrair International Airport

Nearby attractions

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